About Us


I, like many other normal Aussies get a bit adventurous when it comes to matters in the bedroom . so when it came to stepping up my game i went to the internet to look for a few ideas, what i found was a barrage of offers , gadgets and mass confusion, so i decided i would try a simple approach with a target market of australian customers not the world, if you have travelled abroad you would have found different countries have very little in common with us with different languages, food, cultural beliefs and even their  appearance, but one thing i found binding all of us is that we enjoy sex! 
 our aim is to bring you quality products at the best prices with promt, discreet delivery methods. We cater for all age groups, sexual persuasions and fetishes.  


Your complete satisfaction when dealing with us is our primary aim, to achieve this we NEED your honest feedback to help us tailor our products, service and website to make your shopping fast and simple.


Like anything the first time is the hardest, so we are here to to make it memorable for all the right reason, so lets get started on your sexual awakening with your first purchase, im looking forward to making your sex life that much better, covid may be all around but with our help you wont even notice, give us a try you will never look back.